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Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

Some network administrators block access to sites such as DropBox where the video files are stored. EverTechnology can supply a USB drive containing all video files from the conference. There will be a nominal charge of $50 to cover the associated costs.

To submit payment and delivery details, please go here on the main EverTechnology website to complete an online purchase. You will then be sent a 64Gb USB drive containing all video recordings and PDF presentations available for download from this site.

The video files are stored on the servers of the video streaming service Vimeo …which is a service similar to YouTube.

When you click the play icon, video will be streamed from Vimeo and play on your device. A copy of the file will not be retained on your device.

If you need to retain a copy of the video file to play again later, you should click the “DOWNLOAD VIDEO” button.

The video files are stored in DropBox and clicking the “DOWNLOAD VIDEO” button will trigger and automatic download of the file to your hard drive.

The files are quite large (usually between 400Gb and 1Tb, with a few being over 2Tb) and may take some time to download – depending on your internet connection.

For various copyright, commercial and other reasons, some speakers are not able to give approval for recordings of their presentations to be made available

All videos contained in the speakers’ PowerPoint presentations have been embedded into the PDF documents that are available for download.

To play these embedded videos, the PDF document must be opened in Adobe Acrobat (rather than in any other preview application) and there must be a  copy of the Adobe Flash Player installed on the computer.

Read more about this and get the appropriate Flash Player for your computer from this page:



Use this contact form to contact EverTechnology regarding issues specifically concerning this website or the video recordings on the site.  For all other issues regarding the Conference please contact the conference organiser.