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SAFETY Training has Changed Dramatically in 24 Months, Are You Keeping up with the Pace? If You’re Not Talking About VIRTUAL REALITY – You’re Falling Behind

Ramsay Wells
Business Manager, Queensland Mines Rescue Service

Matthew Farrelly
Manager VRT, Queensland Mines Rescue Service

We live in a world that is constantly changing, and that change continues to accelerate.

Technology has improved the way we train, everything from video animations to learn from disasters, through to e-learning to enhance assessment capabilities.

A new era of training is here, a growing number of organisations are recognising the power of simulation based training. Simulation based training is hardly new, it’s been used in military and aviation for over 50 years – however it has always been expensive and out of reach for most organisations.

Enter the wave of VR and AR headsets available to the consumer, meaning that this technology is now affordable for any business. eg. Walmart uses VR to train over 1 million associates, seeing an improvement in their test scores by 10-15%. This has been achieved by providing almost 20,000 VR headsets across their stores.

QMRS started delivering simulation based training 24 months ago, using desktop-based VR. Then 12 months ago presented headset based training to the industry. Now, the service is preparing to roll out free-roam based VR training for the industry at their Rescue Stations.

24 months is all it has taken to see such a massive change to the way people can be trained.

This presentation will show the journey that Mines Rescue have taken to equip the industry with access to the next generation of cost effective training, that is available right now for the industry’s workforce.

We will highlight the benefits of improved safety outcomes, better prepared employees, safer work environments and value dollar propositions in your continued push to stay meaningful in this technology revolution.