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Switching on Integrated Safety Systems in Glencore’s North Queensland Copper Assets

Graham Houldsworth
Principal Advisor – Strategy and Compliance, Glencore Copper Assets

Andrew Russell
Managing Director, Actrua Performance Cultures

Over the course of the past two and a half years Glencore’s North Queensland Copper Operations have developed and implemented a new generation of integrated safety programs that combine behavioural and system based approaches. Initially a project designed to align best practices in the group and to re-invigorate a focus on behavioural based safety programs, a series of iterations has achieved a suite of integrated and aligned pre-start meetings, leadership development programs and common language for the entire workforce.

Partnering with Performance Culture partner, Actrua, a model of co-creation and joint facilitation has allowed passionate employees to develop and own programs that are consistently applied and tailored to the cultural nuances of a large and complex operation spanning multiple geographies.

This presentation aims to showcase the program that has been developed, to share the processes undertaken during development and provide insight into the changes in strategic direction and thinking that were required to make the program a success.