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A Study to Investigate Uncontrolled Tyre and Rim Disassembly

Dr. Tilman Rasche
Principal Mining Engineer, Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy

The Minerals Council of Australia has identified that tyre fitters at mining operations are ten times more likely to be killed at work than mine diesel mechanics (Hassal 2016). Rim disassembly is particularly hazardous and resulted in seven fatalities in the Australasian region, over the last 15 years.

To better control this fatal hazard a mechanical interference feature, often called the Surelock bead seat band, was patented in 1986. It aims to prevent the inflation and consequential dangerous disassembly of earthmover tyre and rim assemblies, should a lockring be incorrectly fitted.

This presentation, based on the authors recent Australian Coal Association Research Project C26036, aims to raise awareness of this safety feature, explain some of the advantages, disadvantages and misconceptions about this design.

It will also reinforce the urgent need for better industry-wide training approaches around tyre and rim maintenance and highlight a much needed review and update of the Australian Standard ‘AS 4457.1—2007 – Earth-moving machinery—Off-the-road wheels, rims and tyres’, particularly around an improved universal marking and labelling standard of rim componentry.

This seemingly modest change will allow tyre fitters to better identify matching rim and wheel componentry thereby significantly reducing the reoccurrence of rim related fatalities.